About Yangtze Qù

Yangtze Qù, an exquisite Asian Fusion restaurant, is a proud addition to the Tropitel Group's diverse hospitality portfolio. This restaurant represents our exciting first venture into Cairo's culinary world, following our success with renowned dining establishments like Little Buddha Hurghada and Little Buddha Sharm EL Sheikh. At Yangtze Qù, our mission is to revolutionize Cairo's dining scene by providing unmatched service and quality, creating an unforgettable experience for every guest.

The Tropitel Group, with over 35 years of excellence in hospitality, began its journey in 1997, marking its entry with the iconic Tropitel Naama Bay. This five-star establishment was not just a hotel; it was a catalyst that transformed Sharm El-Sheikh, positioning it as a prime tourist and residential destination.

From these roots, we have expanded our expertise into a range of industries, including residential development, agricultural solutions, entertainment services, and now, with Yangtze Qù, into the culinary sector. Our approach is one of holistic integration, ensuring that every venture we undertake is infused with the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that has defined the Tropitel brand.

Building on our legacy as innovators and developers, Tropitel is constantly evolving, always looking for new ways to enrich our clients' experiences. With Yangtze Qù, we are not just opening a restaurant; we are creating a destination that epitomizes the best of what we can offer - a testament to our passion for culinary excellence and our ongoing commitment to setting new standards in the hospitality industry.